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Un Viking en Afrique du Süd at France 5

September 10, 2014

If you’re in France, or have access to the TV channel; France 5, we would of course recommend our own award winning documentary; “Un Viking en Afrique du Süd”. 

It has already been screened in August, but there are some upcoming screenings in September.

Episode 1/2 – 12 september at 23:35 at France 5

Episode 2/2 – 19 september at 23:50 at France 5

If you do not have access and still want to see our film, send us a note and we’ll arrange a VOD access for you for a few bucks.


Screening in Austria

November 17, 2012

Tonight, at 21:15, our feature version of “The Impossible River Journey” is screened at Leokino 1 as part of the Innsbrucker Naturfilmtage.

We would’ve loved to be present at the screening. But this time other duties demand out attention.


The Impossible River Journey teaser

October 4, 2011

Finally we’ve got an english subtitled teaser for The Impossible River Journey. A DVD with extra material is currently at the Department of Latency. It’s gonna be exciting to see when that’s gonna be finished.

Please enjoy and spread around this link.


Mentioned in RealScreen & TodoTV News

January 25, 2011

The Realscreen magazine has mentioned our film; The Impossible River Journey as one of the documentaries  to watch out for at the upcoming North American market; NATPE in Miami on January 24 to 26.

We are also mentioned in TodoTV News.

We are excited about the presence of our distribution partner Nordic World AS at the North American television market.


The Impossible River Journey – pitch

November 25, 2010

After request we have now made available a bit longer pitch describing some of the intentions we had with our mission in South Africa. And yes, there are scenes here from the research journey that did not make it into the final film.

You are welcome to give feedback on what you like and don’t like about it.


Screening in Denmark

June 14, 2010

It’s finally time for The Impossible River Journey – or as it is called in danish; Den umulige flodrejse, to be screened in Denmark.

The screening of both episodes takes place at DR2, the danish documentary channel, at the 15th & 16th of June, at 23:00.

Therefor you can all enjoy the hot summer night, see all world championship matches, and settle down for an adventurous journey into the not so very well known South Africa.

Maybe also you, will get inspired by Helge Hjelland and his fellow traveller, Joseph – the illegal refugee from South Sudan.


The frequence of crickets

May 16, 2010

Several crickets lining up, the crossing lines are the s-sounds we try to keep.

Here we want to share one of the obstacles faced by our sound engineer in the post production of our documentary series.

Namely, the sound of crickets. Many crickets. And sometimes, very many crickets. And, as in this example from the kalahari desert, abnormally many crickets….

But the arcitecture of the sound by these creatures are fascinating. Here you can see how we zoomed into the sound waves with one of the many tools used by Pål Terje Nygård in his sound studio.

We could single out each and every cricket around Helge Hjelland along his journey. Every line in the photo represent a single cricket. And this is only a tiny portion of the amount of crickets we had to deal with.

The black lines is the empty space left after we cut out one of the most annoying frequences. Unfortunately, it turned out this also cut away the s-sound of the dialogue. Leaving u wi a voie wiout and ound. (Meaning, leaving us with a voice without the s and th-sound.)

Therefor we had to zoom even further into the frequency, and instead of deleting it altogether, we had to whipe away just a portion of it.

This left us with a less annoying sound, without too many compromises in the quality of speech.

The frequency specter in this photo is from the Kalahari desert.

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