Mission Mongolia

Eva Synnøve Dickson Lid

Evangelizing in Mongolia has consequences.

A newly wed Christian couple enlist with a mission to evangelise in Mongolia, a country where evangelising is illegal. While the couple’s intention is to change the world, the real change happens unintentionally and on a more personal level.

By intimately following the couple through ups and downs in a foreign culture over a period of 4 years, they will reflect upon their own role as evangelists and aid personel. The film questions religious freedom, development work , and cultural imperialism by revealing their own mindset on how to change the world. As the story progresses, unintentional changes take place on a personal level.

2007 The annual South Norwegian Art Exhibition (Skien, Arendal and Kristiansand)
2007 Anthropological Film Festival, Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland.
2006 NRK2
2005 NRK1 (Norway)
2005 Regards Compares Mongols, Musee de l`homme Paris (France)
2005 Femmina International Film Festival
2003 Kunstnernes hus i Oslo / Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen (N) (early version).

Prize: Billedkunstnernes Hjelpefond Pris 2003

Documentary Film

Director: Stine Gonsholt
Writer: Stine Gonsholt & Arild Mehn-Andersen
D.O.P: Stine Gonsholt & Arild Mehn-Andersen
Editor: Arild Mehn-Andersen
Music: Eugene Guribye
Sound: Yngve Leidulv Sætre
Producer: Arild Mehn-Andersen, AMEHN production.
Format: 16:9 DVcam/Digibeta
Length: 29 min.


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