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Nordic Ministers on Music

February 24, 2012

It was not only the first time the Nordic Ministers met to discuss pop, rock and the creative industry.

It was actually the first time ever such a minister meeting was held in the world, when by:Larm invited both nordic and international delegates to it’s 15 years anniversary this February.

If was also the first official visit abroad for the brand new Minister for Culture in Denmark, Uffe Elbæk. You’re very welcome.

Together with Trond Giske, Minister for Trade and Industry in Norway, and Ewa Björling, Minister for Trade in Sweeden, we learned that in economic downfalls like what we’re now experiencing – the creative industry actually manages well.

Good thing we were there to document it for you all.

Again, the discussion is in Nordic languages, and until we’ve found a willing soul to translate our videos, you would be better of learning one of the Nordic languages.

Best wishes!


by:Larm 2012 opening

February 19, 2012

We’ve been working with our friends at by:Larm to produce a web-series of the seminar program.

First out is the opning seremony of by:Larm 2012, with the Norwegian Minister of Culture, Anniken Huitfeldt.
We’re proud to see her later during the festival at the small rock club Mono, to see the notoriously angry shoegazers Iceage.

Unfortunately, this first video is only avaliable in Norwegian at this moment. Maybe a willing soul will help with translation?


Does money kill creativity? – seminar at by:Larm

March 18, 2010

Press to go to video (Norwegian only)

During by:Larm we documented several seminars and discussions. Here is a 20 minute resume of the seminar on Public money – opium for the artists?

In an article in Aftenposten Georg Arnestad meant that the cultural policy for the past four years has focused exclusively on more money for everything, and for lacking vision. The newspaper followed up with writing an commentary saying, among other things, that some communities are living “a self-satisfied and self-protective life that might stagnate.”

Can too much support stifle creativity? Do we loose the visionary entrepreneurs with public support?

Sondre Sommerfelt, Oslo Teknopol
Janne Stang Dahl, head of information Art Council Norway
Georg Arnestad, cultural researcher
Stein Bjelland, Nu Production
Arnfinn Bjerkestrand, Art Council Norway, Kulturkampen
Åse Kleveland, Rikskonsertene
Chair: Marit Karlsen



February 21, 2010

Arild Mehn-Andersen meets Karl Bartos from legendary Kraftwerk.

by:Larm was recently arranged with concerts and showcases on known and unknown venues in Oslo.

AMEHN production was there with a film team to document some of the seminars, Q & A’s and lectures, so that also You, and not only the invited delegates, can learn from the masters.

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn first hand from the founders of Creation Records and Rough Trade how the indie scene developed as a counterculture.

For an old music lover, it was also memorable to meet Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk and Peter Hook from Joy Division.

See more videoes here

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