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Tomas Alfredson on sound and silence

June 26, 2013


Tomas Alfredson is one of the most acclaimed Scandinavian directors today, highly praised for his deeply atmospheric films Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) and the BAFTA award-winning Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

In this Q&A from by:Larm 2013 in Oslo, Norway, he talks about his life and work, the music and movies that inspired him, and the role of sound and silence on celluloid.


Todd Rundgren at by:Larm

March 8, 2012

The musician, songwriter, producer and legend, Todd Rundgren, narrowly escaped the Grammy Awards and came to Oslo, to participate in a Q&A about his long and eventful career.

Though, there’s not much room for Q’s as long as Todd willingly shares from his diverse career in the music industry.

His career started after a concert with The Mamas & the Papas and The Who, just by the way he looked. Yes, he had made an effort to look like a rock star.

Soon he lived like The Beatles and was already tired of publicity when their first album was released. Producing seemed to be a way out from the public eye, while continuing to do what he loved.

His talent was noticed and soon he was engineering the legendary record Stage Fright of The Band and Robbie Robertson.


Retromania with Simon Reynolds

March 4, 2012

This last decade has produced no real new music styles, subcultures and genres. That seems to be the conclusion in one of the worlds most influential music writers, Simon Reynolds, new book: Retromania.

He visited by:Larm to present his book in a Q&A with Audun Vinger, editor of Vinduet.

Punk, post-punk, rave, hip hop and rap, it’s all part of today’s museum acts on stage, where new artist’s presents us with an archive of references. Nothing new.

Could we end up in a scenario were cover bands do the whole lifeline of a band, both visually and musically, with cover band members leaving stage as they were sacked / quitted / died in real life?

The future opportunities are endless…


Tony Allen at by:Larm

February 28, 2012

Tony Allen, described by Brian Eno as “perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived”, visited by:Larm 2012 to participate in a Q&A about Afrobeat and his latest projects.

He talked about his technique, his background in Lagos, and his many cooperation with legends from both world music, jazz, pop and rock.

Here he talks about how he got into a collaboration with Damon Albarn from Blur and Gorillaz, Paul Simonon from The Clash – whom picked up his bass for the first time in 15 years, and Simon Tong from The Verve.

He also spoke about his latest project called Rocketjuice and The Moon – with Damon Albarn and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Their record will be released in just a few weeks!

Here’s a teaser!


Nordic Ministers on Music

February 24, 2012

It was not only the first time the Nordic Ministers met to discuss pop, rock and the creative industry.

It was actually the first time ever such a minister meeting was held in the world, when by:Larm invited both nordic and international delegates to it’s 15 years anniversary this February.

If was also the first official visit abroad for the brand new Minister for Culture in Denmark, Uffe Elbæk. You’re very welcome.

Together with Trond Giske, Minister for Trade and Industry in Norway, and Ewa Björling, Minister for Trade in Sweeden, we learned that in economic downfalls like what we’re now experiencing – the creative industry actually manages well.

Good thing we were there to document it for you all.

Again, the discussion is in Nordic languages, and until we’ve found a willing soul to translate our videos, you would be better of learning one of the Nordic languages.

Best wishes!


The multi-talented Amina Sewali

April 14, 2011

Recently we were asked to do some footage of a young talented artist, Amina Sewali, while she was experimenting with playing each and every instrument herself for an alternative version of her upcoming single; Hero.

She sang, played all instruments, used the recordings from the video, and edited the video herself. You really are multi-talented!

Thank you Amina, it was a great day in Oslo!


The X-factor…

May 6, 2010

We are grateful to have the brilliant Banjo Mosele on our team.

Finally the music clearance got through. After months of waiting, we finally got clearance to use a song from the South African composer Sibongile Khumalo in our documentary series.

Because of the delayed clearance, we had to look for alternatives, and received several tips from known and unknown. They were all pointing towards the brilliant musician Banjo Mosele form Botswana – and now living in Norway. Luckily, he arrived Norway from Botswana on the day we contacted him.

We met, and he saw an offline version of our film and would be happy to contribute with any of his songs. Not only that, but he also knew the language spoken around Lesotho – and could help us translate the dialogue we could not understand.

This was of course an unknown factor for us in the editing. But we were lucky with our chosen lines. It turned out the translations enriched the material even further.

Thank you Banjo. And thank you Sibongile. And thank you Barabass for sending us in the right direction. And thank you Malika Makouf Rasmussen for the same.

Also thank you Rebeca and Sheridan at Sony in Norway and South Africa. And thank you Jonas, Hampus and Christoffer at Sonyatv in Sweden.

We are grateful for your help.

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