The Fable of the Leaf

The circle of life as seen by a leaf on a tree.

A short poetic film about the cycle of life as seen by a leaf on a tree through the different seasons.

After it’s premiere at The Norwegian Short Film Festival the 16th of june 2007, the short animation film THE FABLE OF THE LEAF has toured around in South America and Europe.

Film Festivals:
2007 Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad
2008 Norwegian Film Tour in South America
2008 Scandinavian Film Festival, Bonn, Germany
2008 Frame by Frame, Oslo, Norway.
2008 Animate the World! Barbican Centre, London, UK
2008 AniMadrid, Spain
2008 Bergen International Film Festival – School programme
2008 Cinemambiente, Int’l Environmental Film Festival, Torino
2008 Tindirindis Int’l Animation Film Festival, Lithuania
In 2008 the short film has also toured around in South America, meeting viewers in Argentine, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua etc..

It has also been part of an educational film program in France.

DVD: The short film was also released on an annual collection of Norwegian Short Films of 2007, called Norsk Kort 007. It is also avalible as VOD at Film Arkivet.

Short Film.
Original title: The Fable of the Leaf
Genre: 3D Animation
Director: Paulo Chavarría
Producer: Arild Mehn-Andersen, AMEHN production
Narrator: Kim Kalsås (Norwegian & English) & Rodolfo Araya (Spanish)
Screenplay: Paulo Chavarría & Jose Fonseca
Editor: Paulo Chavarría
Animation: Paulo Chavarría
Sound: Paulo Chavarría & Pål T. Nygård
Dolby Surround: Gisle Tveito (Norsk Filmstudio)
Production company: Amehn Production & 16:9 Audiovisual

Length: 3 min.
Versions: Spanish, English and Norwegian


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