X for Unknown

A few months before my grandfather, Joachim Wiesener, passed away in the beginning of 2004, I was the first in our family to learn about his past as a secret agent in XU, known as the biggest and most effective intelligence organisation in occupied Europe during the Second World War.

Through my grandfather I gained the trust of other veterans from the same intelligence service, also telling their story for the first time. For many of them, the 50 year long duty of confidentiality is still sacred, hence very few in Norway knows about this major resistance movement.

As we went into production, we soon realized there was little time left to secure the first hand sources due to old age, and has since been documenting several agents from the leadership and further into the web of intelligence. Many are no longer with us, may they rest in peace.

With all the material we have collected, we now know there is material for several films on the subject.

The project is being produced for NRK and TG4 with support form amongst others West Norwegian Film Centre, Fund for Sound and Images, Art Council Norway, Freedom of Expression Foundation


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