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Does money kill creativity? – seminar at by:Larm

March 18, 2010

Press to go to video (Norwegian only)

During by:Larm we documented several seminars and discussions. Here is a 20 minute resume of the seminar on Public money – opium for the artists?

In an article in Aftenposten Georg Arnestad meant that the cultural policy for the past four years has focused exclusively on more money for everything, and for lacking vision. The newspaper followed up with writing an commentary saying, among other things, that some communities are living “a self-satisfied and self-protective life that might stagnate.”

Can too much support stifle creativity? Do we loose the visionary entrepreneurs with public support?

Sondre Sommerfelt, Oslo Teknopol
Janne Stang Dahl, head of information Art Council Norway
Georg Arnestad, cultural researcher
Stein Bjelland, Nu Production
Arnfinn Bjerkestrand, Art Council Norway, Kulturkampen
Åse Kleveland, Rikskonsertene
Chair: Marit Karlsen


Support from South Norwegian Film Centre

February 24, 2010

South Norwegian Film Centre have decided to support our project In the shadows of Apartheid. This will enable us to continue working with our close partners in Grimstad, home of the Short Film Festival, and Flekkefjord at the post-production stage. We are very thankful.


Support from West Norwegian Film Centre

August 31, 2009

Today, the West Norwegian Film Centre has decided to fund the production of Crossing South Africa in Canoe (working title).

West Norwegian Film Centre has already supported two development stages of this project, making it possible for us to send Helge Hjelland to South Africa to investigate certain physical challenges, as well as giving us a possibility to do research on topics we wanted to investigate.

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