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ShAFF 2013

March 4, 2013


We just wanted to show our gratitude toward viewers writing about our film The Impossible River Journey on blogs, twitter and facebook.

This last weekend (1.-3. March) our film was screened at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF). This was the very first screening in the UK. Unfortunately we could not be present at it’s UK premiere.

Therefor we are honored to have such a fantastic audience sharing their views on twitter and blogs.

Thank you! Keep on inspiring others.


Title is ready!

April 28, 2010
Helge Hjelland confronting his first big obstacle, the 950 meter Tugela Falls.

Helge Hjelland confronting his first big obstacle, the 950 meter Tugela Falls.

The title was obvious when we heard it…

When you consider the name of our last film with Helge Hjelland; “The Cruellest Journey“, it was obvious we needed a follow up along that trail.

This time, our film shall be called: “The Impossible River Journey”. Or, as we say in norwegian: “Den umulige reisen”.

There certainly are several reasons why this trip should have been impossible.

After several days of brainstorming, with several suggestions arriving from both South Africa, Denmark and Norway, we immediately felt the title was right when the suggestion came from the artistic director at West Norwegian Film Centre. She reminded us of how great the previous title was, and suggested: “The impossible journey”.

But since that title was already taken, we now own the river variety.

“The Impossible River Journey” / “Den umulige reisen” (c) 2010 AMEHN production.

Film certainly is a cooperative effort. Thanks!

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