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Finalist at 16th annual VIMFF

February 9, 2013

Dear Vancouver,

We would love to be present during the screening of our film; The Impossible River Journey at the 16th annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF). But this time we have to plan further journeys for future films. It’s an honor to be a finalist.

Screening program:
Matinee 1: Adventures in the Southern Hemisphere
Saturday February 9th, 3:00pm


Un Viking en Afrique du Sud at France 5

January 9, 2013

Our mini-series The Impossible River Journey / Un Viking en Afrique du Süd are screened several times in January and February 2013 at France 5.

We hope you enjoy our portrait of South Africa and the refugee Joseph. And of course, Helge Hjelland, our adventurer of rivers and hearts.


The Impossible River Journey teaser

October 4, 2011

Finally we’ve got an english subtitled teaser for The Impossible River Journey. A DVD with extra material is currently at the Department of Latency. It’s gonna be exciting to see when that’s gonna be finished.

Please enjoy and spread around this link.


Un viking en afrique du sud – France 5

April 18, 2011

Suddenly our mailbox were full of french comments after screening of our documentary; “The Impossible River Journey”, or as they call it in France; Un viking en afrique du sud at France5.

As far as we understand it has already been screened and it’s going to be screened (not a complete list!):

9/4/2011 – 15:05 – Episode 1 Tugela
16/4/2011 – 15:05 – Episode 2 Orange

21/4/2011 – 15:35 – Episode 1 Tugela
28/4/2011 – 15:435 – Episode 2 Orange

24/4/2011 – 23:55 – Episode 1 Tugela
2/5/2011 – 00:05 – Episode 2 Orange

3/5/2011 – 10:10 – Episode 1 Tugela
10/5/2011 – 10:12 – Episode 2 Orange

6/5/2011 – 04:44 – Episode 1 Tugela
13/5/2011 – 04:44 – Episode 2 Orange

If you’ve got friends in France, please invite.

And if you like what we’re trying to do, well, please join our Facebook Page.

Here is some of the comments we’ve received after first episode for those of you who know french. And if you don’t? Try: Google translate

De Nini, le 02/05/2011 à 00:49.

J’ai adoré. J’espère que votre compagnon de route Joseph va bien.
En tout cas c’est un plaisir ce reportage.

De ciboulette, le 11/04/2011 à 16:39.
félicitation!! ce reportage est superbe! comme le 1er! c’est très intéréssant de voir l’avancée des aventures de Helge et Joseph! de découvrir l’afrique du sud comme on ne l’a jamais vu!!! bravo ce reportage nous fait voyager d’une très belle façon!

De paprika75, le 10/04/2011 à 12:50.
Très belle rencontre et super documentaire..Que devient Joseph depuis ce reportage? Puis-je l’aider?..

De adminwikifr5, le 11/04/2011 à 10:14.
Nous vous suggérons d’adresser votre question à l’équipe de réalisation de ce film :
L’équipe “Documentaires” France 5

De ice66, le 09/04/2011 à 16:24.
Documentaire génial, touché de la gentillesse de joseph… Mais qu’es t il devenu?
Comment peut on l’aider, il a l’air d’être brave et il le mérite.

From: France 5

Recherche de votre programme tv par chaîne: Un viking en Afrique du Sud

Documentaire | France 5 | Diffusé le 09-04-11 + d’infos sur ce programme voir en streaming sur

Je découvre à peine cette série et j’ai adoré, j’espère vraiment que les aventures de Helge dureront long temps
Publié le 12-04-11 à 22:10

Excellent documentaire avec beaucoup d’humanité.
Publié le 12-04-11 à 20:43

From: TV-replay

There’s even a blog about our show.

Here’s some refrence to the TV programming: Play TV Tugela, Play TV Orange or here.


In the Shadows of Apartheid first episode

April 16, 2010

Joseph, a refugee from South Sudan, becomes Helge's partner down the Tugela River.

The second edit of In the Shadows of Apartheid‘s first episode is soon ready. In this episode we follow Helge Hjelland down the Tugela Falls, the worlds second largest waterfall, and further down the Tugela River to the Indian Ocean.

It’s a spectacular journey where Helge Hjelland meets Joseph, a refugee from South Sudan. They become partners down the river. We are impressed by both and excited about doing some test screenings in the following days.

Still much remains, both the music score and animation sequences are not set, but they are close and on the way.

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