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ShAFF 2013

March 4, 2013


We just wanted to show our gratitude toward viewers writing about our film The Impossible River Journey on blogs, twitter and facebook.

This last weekend (1.-3. March) our film was screened at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF). This was the very first screening in the UK. Unfortunately we could not be present at it’s UK premiere.

Therefor we are honored to have such a fantastic audience sharing their views on twitter and blogs.

Thank you! Keep on inspiring others.


The Impossible River Journey teaser

October 4, 2011

Finally we’ve got an english subtitled teaser for The Impossible River Journey. A DVD with extra material is currently at the Department of Latency. It’s gonna be exciting to see when that’s gonna be finished.

Please enjoy and spread around this link.


The Impossible River Journey – pitch

November 25, 2010

After request we have now made available a bit longer pitch describing some of the intentions we had with our mission in South Africa. And yes, there are scenes here from the research journey that did not make it into the final film.

You are welcome to give feedback on what you like and don’t like about it.


Screening in Denmark

June 14, 2010

It’s finally time for The Impossible River Journey – or as it is called in danish; Den umulige flodrejse, to be screened in Denmark.

The screening of both episodes takes place at DR2, the danish documentary channel, at the 15th & 16th of June, at 23:00.

Therefor you can all enjoy the hot summer night, see all world championship matches, and settle down for an adventurous journey into the not so very well known South Africa.

Maybe also you, will get inspired by Helge Hjelland and his fellow traveller, Joseph – the illegal refugee from South Sudan.


In the Shadows of Apartheid first episode

April 16, 2010

Joseph, a refugee from South Sudan, becomes Helge's partner down the Tugela River.

The second edit of In the Shadows of Apartheid‘s first episode is soon ready. In this episode we follow Helge Hjelland down the Tugela Falls, the worlds second largest waterfall, and further down the Tugela River to the Indian Ocean.

It’s a spectacular journey where Helge Hjelland meets Joseph, a refugee from South Sudan. They become partners down the river. We are impressed by both and excited about doing some test screenings in the following days.

Still much remains, both the music score and animation sequences are not set, but they are close and on the way.


Approaching first rough cut of Apartheid

March 23, 2010
2010 © AMEHN production

Helge Hjelland towards the diamond mines at the border of Namibia.

The first rouch cut of In the shadows of Apartheid is soon ready.

After focusing on key scenes, and a strict editorial plan we are still twice as long as we should, and not yet at the end of the journey. There are some hard choices to be made in the near future.

Would it not be nice if a television documentary could be as long as the video material needed it to be? Well, the audience will certainly not get bored.

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