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Winner of Award at VIMFF

February 17, 2013

Our film The Impossible River Journey won the award for the best water film at the 16th Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF)!

VIMFF ends today after 10 days of screenings at several venues (February 8-17).

We are really proud and wish to thank the jury, the VIMFF administration, volunteers, the audience, the press and fellow film makers.

Our most sincere thanks goes to our good friend Joseph who travelled back again to the worlds newest nation, the independent Republic of South Sudan.

Keep on traveling!
Keep on inspiring others!!

We will prepare an online screener and a DVD of the film here in the near future.
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Finalist at 16th annual VIMFF

February 9, 2013

Dear Vancouver,

We would love to be present during the screening of our film; The Impossible River Journey at the 16th annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF). But this time we have to plan further journeys for future films. It’s an honor to be a finalist.

Screening program:
Matinee 1: Adventures in the Southern Hemisphere
Saturday February 9th, 3:00pm


Un Viking en Afrique du Sud at France 5

January 9, 2013

Our mini-series The Impossible River Journey / Un Viking en Afrique du Süd are screened several times in January and February 2013 at France 5.

We hope you enjoy our portrait of South Africa and the refugee Joseph. And of course, Helge Hjelland, our adventurer of rivers and hearts.


Screening at ZDF info

November 21, 2012

The first film with Helge Hjelland’s adventures, “The Cruellest Journey” or, as it is called in Germany; “Allein auf dem Niger” is going to be screened late at night at ZDF info on Sunday (Saturday night) 25.11.2012, 00:40 and Monday 26.11.2012, 00:40.

If these screenings are to late for you, you could try again Friday 30.11.2012, 12:30 or Saturday 1.11.2012, 13:30.


Allein auf dem Niger – Im Boot durch Westafrika

Fr. 30.11. 45 Min., bis 13:15 Uhr.




10 years anniversary today!

April 15, 2012

Today AMEHN production celebrates 10 years. Hooray!

We celebrate by giving you a sneak peek at a fresh pilot with Helge Hjelland’s next adventure: the peaceful journey, with footage from Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

We cross our fingers that the project will be realized, and hope the region’s population will get its much deserved peace soon.

A big thank you to all good partners for ten years, we look forward to the continuation.


Screenings in Germany & Finland

July 7, 2011

There are several screenings of our documentaries with the adventurer Helge Hjelland now in juli.

First out is the feature version (90 min.) of The Impossible River Journey (2010) at NaturVision Filmfestival in Germany. Screenings sceduled at:

15.07.2011 – 13:00

17.07.2011- 18:00

Here we are nominated for the Adventurer Expedition Award. What do you think of our documentary? Give your score on The Impossible River Journey at IMDB.

Second is the screening of the first film with Helge Hjelland; The Cruellest Journey (2008) on Finnish television. In Finland our film is called; Julmin matka.

YLE FST5 will screen the longest version (58 min) of the documentary on Helge Hjelland’s epic journey down the Niger Flood. It’s schedules are:

17.07.2011 – 18:30

21.07.2011 – 22:30

We also invite you to give your score on our documentary The Cruellest Journey at IMDB.


The Impossible River Journey – pitch

November 25, 2010

After request we have now made available a bit longer pitch describing some of the intentions we had with our mission in South Africa. And yes, there are scenes here from the research journey that did not make it into the final film.

You are welcome to give feedback on what you like and don’t like about it.

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