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ShAFF 2013

March 4, 2013


We just wanted to show our gratitude toward viewers writing about our film The Impossible River Journey on blogs, twitter and facebook.

This last weekend (1.-3. March) our film was screened at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF). This was the very first screening in the UK. Unfortunately we could not be present at it’s UK premiere.

Therefor we are honored to have such a fantastic audience sharing their views on twitter and blogs.

Thank you! Keep on inspiring others.


Finalist at 16th annual VIMFF

February 9, 2013

Dear Vancouver,

We would love to be present during the screening of our film; The Impossible River Journey at the 16th annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF). But this time we have to plan further journeys for future films. It’s an honor to be a finalist.

Screening program:
Matinee 1: Adventures in the Southern Hemisphere
Saturday February 9th, 3:00pm


Un Viking en Afrique du Sud at France 5

January 9, 2013

Our mini-series The Impossible River Journey / Un Viking en Afrique du Süd are screened several times in January and February 2013 at France 5.

We hope you enjoy our portrait of South Africa and the refugee Joseph. And of course, Helge Hjelland, our adventurer of rivers and hearts.


Screening at ZDF info

November 21, 2012

The first film with Helge Hjelland’s adventures, “The Cruellest Journey” or, as it is called in Germany; “Allein auf dem Niger” is going to be screened late at night at ZDF info on Sunday (Saturday night) 25.11.2012, 00:40 and Monday 26.11.2012, 00:40.

If these screenings are to late for you, you could try again Friday 30.11.2012, 12:30 or Saturday 1.11.2012, 13:30.


Allein auf dem Niger – Im Boot durch Westafrika

Fr. 30.11. 45 Min., bis 13:15 Uhr.




Screening at ARTE

January 31, 2012

The Cruellest Journey is going to be screened at ARTE in february (12/02/12).
You’ll find it as a german dubbed version named “Allein auf dem Niger” and as a french dubbed version named “Niger: La croisière de tous les défis”.
This extraordinary adventure took place excactly 200 years after the scottish explorer Mungo Park died while trying to do the same journey.

You can watch the film on streaming for a limited time in German and French dubbed version.


Un viking en afrique du sud @ TSR1

November 12, 2011

We’re having a premiere at the Swiss television channel TSR1 on Sunday 13. & 20 November at 11:15 with our french dubbed mini series:

Un viking en afrique du sud
Tugela River (1/2) 13. Nov. Streaming is now closed.
Orange River (2/2) 20. Nov. Streaming available here for a short period.

Therefor we want to treat you all with a presentation of Helge Hjelland’s epic adventure through South Africa in a canoe.

Some footage is from the preliminary research trip, some is from the actual adventure.

Hope you’ll like it.


The Impossible River Journey teaser

October 4, 2011

Finally we’ve got an english subtitled teaser for The Impossible River Journey. A DVD with extra material is currently at the Department of Latency. It’s gonna be exciting to see when that’s gonna be finished.

Please enjoy and spread around this link.

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