Screenings in Germany & Finland

July 7, 2011

There are several screenings of our documentaries with the adventurer Helge Hjelland now in juli.

First out is the feature version (90 min.) of The Impossible River Journey (2010) at NaturVision Filmfestival in Germany. Screenings sceduled at:

15.07.2011 – 13:00

17.07.2011- 18:00

Here we are nominated for the Adventurer Expedition Award. What do you think of our documentary? Give your score on The Impossible River Journey at IMDB.

Second is the screening of the first film with Helge Hjelland; The Cruellest Journey (2008) on Finnish television. In Finland our film is called; Julmin matka.

YLE FST5 will screen the longest version (58 min) of the documentary on Helge Hjelland’s epic journey down the Niger Flood. It’s schedules are:

17.07.2011 – 18:30

21.07.2011 – 22:30

We also invite you to give your score on our documentary The Cruellest Journey at IMDB.


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