Video from WT Award ceremony

November 16, 2010

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4399316&dest=-1]

Here’s the video from the Award galla at XIIth WT Os International Film Festival.

We are honored to have won the Silver Twig, the first main award ever given at the WT Festival. Our award is delivered at 7:30 min. in this clip.

Following is a translation of the norwegian to english.

The festival director, Ole Henning Bøe, is presenting The Silver Twig as an award that should go to;

“A well written story, challenging, exciting, rewarding and thought provoking.

The winner of the first Silver Twig is someone the WT Festival has followed earlier. Through incredibly fascinating stories, where life is at stake, are we following the epic journeys, that can best be compared with the major travel writers from the 18th and 19th century; such as Henry Morton Stanley, Bruce Chatwin, and our own Helge Imsdal.

The film and its story are fulfilling all of the criteria for The Silver Twig. The first Silver Twig of the WT Festival is going to… Helge Hjelland and Arild Mehn-Andersen from The Impossible River Journey!”

At 8:27, our own Helge Hjelland receives the price and shares the credit;

“I sat there and wondered if I’ll get this or that one. It was this one. This is very nice, but first I would like to thank those whom made gold out of the rubble.

When I have been out traveling and sent home raw material, they have watched it, and seen its potential.

Arild Mehn-Andersen, the producer (and director). Torkel Gjørv, the editor. And Sound; Pål Nygård and Eugene Guribye.

I would also like to thank those who have contributed economically to make my dreams come thru; West Norwegianl Film Centre, who has supported our ideas, and last, but not the least, TV2 for believing in our project.

And ironically I have to say for this moment in time, this place, Os, is where I found the love of my life “.

We thank you again.

Arild Mehn-Andersen, producer and director.


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