The X-factor…

May 6, 2010

We are grateful to have the brilliant Banjo Mosele on our team.

Finally the music clearance got through. After months of waiting, we finally got clearance to use a song from the South African composer Sibongile Khumalo in our documentary series.

Because of the delayed clearance, we had to look for alternatives, and received several tips from known and unknown. They were all pointing towards the brilliant musician Banjo Mosele form Botswana – and now living in Norway. Luckily, he arrived Norway from Botswana on the day we contacted him.

We met, and he saw an offline version of our film and would be happy to contribute with any of his songs. Not only that, but he also knew the language spoken around Lesotho – and could help us translate the dialogue we could not understand.

This was of course an unknown factor for us in the editing. But we were lucky with our chosen lines. It turned out the translations enriched the material even further.

Thank you Banjo. And thank you Sibongile. And thank you Barabass for sending us in the right direction. And thank you Malika Makouf Rasmussen for the same.

Also thank you Rebeca and Sheridan at Sony in Norway and South Africa. And thank you Jonas, Hampus and Christoffer at Sonyatv in Sweden.

We are grateful for your help.


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