What’s the name of the journey?

April 21, 2010

What's the right name of the journey?

As the editing is finalizing in the steady hands of our editor Torkel Gjørv, we are again questioning ourselves:

What is the right title?

The documentary film is definitely about the adventurer Helge Hjelland, crossing South Africa in a canoe on two rivers with the same source. It is certainly about the diverse meetings through the African continent, and a portrait of the best and worst in human kind. And it is also a refugee story, and a portrait of a country still struggling with its heritage from apartheid.

Is it a Journey through South Africa? Or is it a A journey in the shadows of Apartheid? What about My South African Diary? Or A South African Odyssey? Or Through the Shadows of Apartheid? We have also received the suggestion A South African adventure?

Hopefully the title will be settled within a week. Stay tuned and keep sending suggestions!


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