Support form the Art Council of Norway

December 27, 2009

We are happy to inform that X for Unknown – our historical documentary film on the secret intelligence operation XU, is now being supported by the Art Council Norway.

XU delivered intelligence on the V1 rocket program

The story about the young students from the University of Oslo, whom started and led what is claimed to be the biggest and most effective intelligence operation inside the occupied Europe, is also a story of secrecy and deceit.

We started working on this subject in 2003, when director Arild Mehn-Andersen found a file in the City Archives of Bergen connecting his grandfather, Joachim Wiesener, to this secret network. He reluctantly started sharing this story in the few months before he died in the beginning of 2004. It turned out neither his wife or two daughters knew anything about his past as a spy. Since production started he has now interviewed over 20  central agents from this network.

Though there are few left to tell the story, we will continue to secure the stories of the agents in the secret intelligence network, as well as finnish this first film on the subject. The documentary film X for Unknown is being made for NRK and TG4, with several other channels interested.


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